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Jeff ‘Doc’ Lausch

by Clark Dinnison |

Surf Prescriptions is a combination of modern technology and artistic handcrafted adaptions of team tested design. Jeff “Doc” Lausch is the headshaper and driving force behind Surf Prescriptions. He founded the brand in 1982 in Huntington Beach, California. A shaper for more than 40 years, Lausch says his early influences go back beyond the thruster, a factor that still emanates from his body of work today. His first first shaping influences were Mike Diffenderfer and Dick Brewer when boards had one fin.

Today, Surf Prescriptions is a worldwide brand with a deep stable of team riders, including Donavon Frankenreiter, Casey Brown, Travis Mellum, Timmy Turner, Ian Battrick, C.J. Kanuha, Chase Newsome, Tyler Gunther, and many others.

Through the years, Lausch has continued to push the limits of design. One of his most creative projects was the U.S.O., a finless board that appeared in the first installment of the Drive Thru films. Another out-of-the-box project: the ultra-thin Y2RSQ series, which employed a flat-deck displacement to make the boards extremely responsive. Even though the boards were fewer than 2 inches thick, their floatation was relatively unchanged and the design was proven successful by everyone from Brad Gerlach, who used the same technology to conquer 60-foot Cortes Bank, to Jay Larsen, who won the Rusty C5 Challenge at Lowers while riding one.

With an eye on his influences from the past, Lausch has also worked closely with Frankenreiter on a series of single-fin projects that have been influential on the current industry-wide reexamination of “retro” technologies. One thing Lausch doesn’t experiment with, however, is his commitment to quality.